Urgent Update
Please read the recent update to our centres and teaching below.
For all queries please call 01803 551551
Welcome to The Learning Curve

Your Life, Your Future


To protect our learners, staff and the general public, all of our centres in Wiltshire are currently closed.

We are currently offering free online courses via Eat That Frog.

Visit www.eatthatfrog.ac.uk to find out more.

For more info, please email info@eatthatfrog.ac.uk.

Your Life, Your Future.

We are an established charity, and have been providing a quality training service for people in Wiltshire since 1999. Our friendly, professional staff aim to change the lives of socially and economically disadvantaged people by delivering learning and guidance services – enabling people to better support themselves and lead fulfilled lives.

The Learning Curve is a registered charity – Charity number 1090735
Part of the Eat That Frog Group
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