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What makes us tick

We Are Beyond

Founded in 1999, The Learning Curve is a charity that aims to provide training, education, and support to vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals to help them improve their lives. In addition, we support other third-sector organisations that also contribute to these aims.

As a result of this work, people are better able to support themselves and lead fulfilled lives.


Leaping in

In late 2017, Eat That Frog was approached to become our trustees. Putting TLC and Eat That Frog together to form the Eat That Frog Group makes perfect sense because of the synergy between the two organisations in terms of aims, ethos, and community values.

Becoming part of a larger group means that TLC and Eat That Frog are able to share good practice and offer more opportunities to people across the South West.

Being on the Team programme has opened my eyes and helped me so much, everyone takes something different out of the programme. 

 ” The programme helped me improve my self-esteem, allowed me to trust people again and helped me learn a new skill.”

“I’m now working as a lifeguard now and I love it. I work with an amazing team of people who made me feel very welcome and I’m loving life. I’m glad I went on the Team programme and would recommend it to anyone.”

Before I went on the Team programme I had found myself in an unhealthy relationship. I found myself in huge debt, I lost my job and by the end of the three years, my self esteem and confidence were completely broken.

Your success is our goal

Removing your barriers

What we provide:

  • Education / Training
  • Economic / Community Development
  • Advocacy / Advice / Information


Our key beneficiary groups include:

  • Young people 16-24 including young parents and parents to be and young people not taking up other education, employment or training opportunities (NEETs)
  • Ex-Offenders
  • Carers
  • Older people
  • Volunteers
  • Unemployed adults, including returners to work and those who have never worked